Tuesday, 28 February 2017

25 word summray

An agent of change is a role modle that helps you make a positive difference in you life and helps you with iders and information

Monday, 27 February 2017

E Ako Maths

Today I did E-Ako maths it was fun because it was about maths.
maths is one of my Favourite subject.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Saturday, 18 February 2017

(Care Award) Belonging to PBS

Today for one of my Respect C A R E Award Task I had to make a collage about Belonging to PBS . I have used photos that show how we learn inside of the classroom of PBS. 

Friday, 17 February 2017

(Care Awards) Dan Carter - Respected Leader.

This is a presentation on Dan Carter. I did this for the PBS C A R E Award task for Respect. I had to make a DLO and write why I should respect Dan Carter. I have also wrote some facts and have put some pictures of him as well. I think you guys should respect Dan Carter because he is special to New Zealand. He was a very good Kicker for the All Blacks team. I think he is a star. I have learnt some things about Dan Carter. I learnt that he went to Christchurch boys' high school and Ellesmere colleage.


(Care Awards) Life At PBS DLO

Today for one of my Respect C A R E Award Task I had to make a collage about Life at PBS (Panmure Bridge School). I have photos that show how we learn at PBS and photos of being in class. In the collage it is also showing you our lesson with Sally from Watercare about Rivers and Lakes.

(Care Awards) Respect DLO

For one of my C A R E Award Respect task I had to create a DLO showing respect using photos I have been taking photos. I have four photos that show respect that Mrs Anderson took for our C.A.R.E Vules DLO. You should respect people around you and also respect our environment by picking up rubbish if you see one. I have learnt what respect mean and look like.

(Care Awards) Thank you letter to Mrs Prasad

This is a DLO saying thank you to my teacher. This is one of my Respect C A R E Award task. I have written a lot of things to my teacher. Mrs Prasad is one of best teachers ever she is respectful and an amazing teacher. I have learnt a lot from my teacher about the Water. Thank you Mrs Prasad for everything you have done to me. I appreciate it a lot. 

(C.A.R.E Award Confidence) How To Stand Up To Bullies

This is a presentation/DLO I made on How to stand up to bullies. This is really important. This is part of my C A R E Award. This task is based on Confident which is for C. You should read this so you know how to stand up to bullies. I learnt how to stand up to bullies. One thing you should do is use your WITS which is Walk away , Ignore , Tell the teacher , Stand up for yourself and talk to the bully. I would rather tell the teacher because you will be safe that way. 

Tech with Mr Grundy

Today in Tech we learnt about woodwork with Mr Grundy. He told us to draw 9 or 10 ideas for what we were going to make. I might make a train of a helicopter. There were rules in Mr Grundy workshop. 1 rule was no fiddling, the 2nd rule was stools have 4 legs for a reason, and the 3 one was go before you come, which means go to the toilet because there is no toilet in the workshop!


On Monday we had Mrs Sally from Water Care to come and talk to us about Water Cycles , Rivers/Lake and Rubbish/Bad Liquid going to the sea and how bad it is for sea animals. We had a lot of fun with Mrs Sally. I learnt of stuff. We learnt not to put rubbish on the ground because this could go down the drain into the sea and sea animals which is not good. I think we should be responsible and pick up our rubbish. In this DLO it shows what we did with Mrs Sally. We had three challenges that connected with Rivers and Lakes. One of our challenge was to build a lake out of rocks and see if we could fit 12 liters of water inside our lake. Everyone had fun. 

Nz estuary food web

Today I did my food web about Nz estuary food web. we had to get all the Nz estuary food and connect the  ones it eats
like the crab eats the flounder. The white faced hen eats the cockles.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


This week for kiwisport we were learning how to play Futsal. Futsal means indoor Soccer. There are many differences between Futsal and Soccer  like the size of the ball and the weight of the ball.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

PBS Values

Today LS2 was learning about the Panmure Bridge School C.A.R.E Values. The values
are Confidence, Attitude, Respect and Excellence & Innovation. We took photos in a group of
us demonstrating of how to show these Values. In our first picture we are showing an example
of us sharing our ideas for Confidence. In our second photo we are participating in all
opportunities for Attitude. In our third photo we are showing respect by taking care of our Enviroment. In our last photo we are showing Excellence and Innovation by challenging ourselves
and thinking about our learning.It helps us lead by example and to be a role model to younger students.