Thursday, 1 June 2017


This DLO I worked with Tiava and San Kyaw Kilikiti is a tradition Samoa game.It is kinda the same as is Dangerous because they do not wear any protection and the ball is hard.


  1. Hi my name is Max i go to Paihia School. Hi Affonso i liked your story about the cricket guy that you said that he was from samoa called kilikiti. That was really cool subject you chose I liked it because you described him very well and you told me where he was from and other interesting stuff.

    1. Thank you max for you feed back and I really hope you like this little information about kilikiti and I hope you learned some thing new

  2. Kia ora Alffonso my name is Max and I go to Paihia School
    I really liked the way you presented your Kilikiti slide. I liked how you presented the kilikiti equipment and what the ball was made out of. I wondered, if the ball was made out of rubber, Does it go along way when it is hit?.