Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Today I have been learning about M&M's. I worked collaboratively with Fui, Julian, Aung Naing and Marieta to find out some facts about M&M's. I found out that a man called Forrest Mars created M&M's by seeing soliders eating a sugar coting shell with chocolate inside. From now on today M&M's are a known to be favourites.  I also learnt that peanut M&M's were invented in 1954.

Thursday, 21 June 2018


Today in HIIT we were doing pull ups push ups and squats. I really enjoyed doing the pull ups with the stick we had to keep our body straight and then do as much pull  ups as we could in till the buzzer when off then well either swap with our partners and encourage them or well swap with other group and carry on going around that same place 3 time. Thanks to Mr Ogilive for setting it up and encouraging all of us to do harder and push our self's. 

Friday, 15 June 2018

Kiwi Can

This term our topic for Kiwi Can is Integrity and our theme is Accountability. Integrity means to be honest for doing something when no one is looking or owning up to you mistakes. Accountability means to be responsible for the actions you do.Our energiser was to get as many cards as possible before the other team takes it. Our activity was to make two truths about what you actually did and one lie that you didn't do. It was a hard game to play because most of the questions looked like they were the truth.  Before we finished Kiwi Can we went straight into the general knowledge questions. Kiwi Can learns more and more new things that Panmure Bridge school shows and what they have learnt to achieve this goal. It was great to attend at Kiwi Can. Thank you Miss Lilly and  Mr Matt.

Tech Reflection

Today at Tech we were doing Putter casting with Mr.Grundy. Some of us were finishing  off our work book and some of us were cutting out or designs I am still working on my work book I am almost done all I have to do is add 3 more pictures to my work book then I get to draw one of my designs I picked.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Kiwi Can

This week for Kiwi can we were learning to work as a team. Our topic this term was is integrity. Integrity means to show kindness when no one else is looking and doing the right thing. In kiwi can we talked about how we can show how we can respect others in our own ways. To show integrity we played a game called captain ball. The aim of the game was that their were 4 teams and we needed to choose 1 Person from each team to be the person to act and we had to guess who they were.  


Today for Tech we have been learning about pewter casting. The first thing that we had needed to do was read the rules for the pewter casting tech room. We were first asked questions if we knew what pewter casting was and what it is. Our task was to find out what we wanted to create and how we will be using it or even who we were making it for. So Mr Grundy had sent us a worksheet showing who we will be creating our design for. The Designs I am making for are my mum, dad, cousin and myself. We chose 4 of each items that we wanted to create into our DLO. But the thing is the images we had chosen had to be silhouette so it would be easier to create. The thing is our images couldn't be thick or else it would bend or snap. I had enjoyed doing this rotation because I would really want to make something special for my family. 

Monday, 21 May 2018


For writing this week we were to go on a text creator called Fake iPhone text to write a fake conversation between two peoples we could int use name form our school so I chose mike. First we were to write the message in the Fake iPhone text message.After that we were to write the message in a story format that included punctuation such as speech marks. This meant that we were to write every thing that a new person said on a new line.