Friday, 23 February 2018

Electives Math Work

This week's maths work was to figure out an equation on electives for a school, to do it we needed to use fractions and decimals. After I finished the equation I then just added in the answers on the sides and the working out underneath the problem, during the time that I was working it out I was confused at one point until I realised that because I'd thought that there were only 24 students I done the problem wrong. I then quickly just re-read the first part of it and realised my mistake, after that I then proceeded to finish the problem.

Panmure Bridge Whakatauki

Today Affonso and I found out about our school Whakatauki. Our school Whakatauki is Manaaki Whenua Manaaki Tangata and Haere Whakamua which means Care for the land, Care for the people , Go forward. We learnt about this because we have to remind ourself and show our school values and Whakatauki with pride.

Olympic And PBS Key Values

L.I - To collect information in order to make a comparison.
As part of Inquiry today we made a Digital Learning Object comparing it to our (P.B.S) values and the Olympic values. First we went on a site and read a text about Olympics and their values. We collected all the information. I learnt that the Olympic values are Excellence, Friendship and Respect. The similarities we found about the Olympic and P.B.S values are that they both have Excellence and Respect in their key values. We did some research about the Olympic Creed and Motto and we found good information.


Yesterday for kiwi sport we were focusing on Softball. We were learning how to throw and pass the ball. I also learnt the crocodile and butterfly shape to catch. The catching easy at times but it was still hard.

Kiwi can

Yesterday at Kiwi Can LS2 group B played two games and learnt more about fairness and fair play, to do the first game we had to get into a circle and in that circle there were three hoops we were then numbered from 1-4 and whenever a number was said, the people who were that number then had to speed walk around the circle until we reached our original spot, when we reached there the objective was to quickly run into a hoop. That continued on until the Mr Matt the Kiwi can instructor started to take the hoops away, I managed to win. The second game that we played was ball tag, three people from one team were the taggers and a whole other team were the runners. The rules for the taggers were; You're not allowed to move while holding the ball, you can't throw the ball at someone and you can't one hand tag someone with the ball (two hands only).

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

How is Chinese New Year celebrated?

Chinese New Year is a celebration that is open to everyone. There is a street celebration when a dragon dances and Chinese fireworks light the sky. Elders hand out red cards to children and unmarried couples to wish them good luck. The Chinese New Year tradition is to wear red clothing with gold on it. People bring food to other families houses for supper. There is a zodiac cycle which has 12 animals and repeats every 12 years.

When Chinese New Year is celebrated everyone gathers together on the street or in their own home ready for Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is celebrated all around the world. It is a special celebration for the Chinese people.

The Chinese people decorate their home or the town for  Chinese New Year. There are 12 selected animals. Every animal on the cycle has got a different meaning and year. This year is the year of the dog.

The Chinese New Year lasts for at least fifteen days, until the new moon ends. The full moon is fifteen days later, this year it will end on the 2nd of March. The Chinese people use fireworks, wear red and make noise to continue the the tradition of keeping the monster away.

The Chinese New Year is a very special celebration when everyone takes part in the festival. Chinese New Year is a very important traditional holiday for the Chinese people as they come together to wish each other Kung Hei Fat Choi!

For this week's learning we did a explanation about Chinese New Year. We learnt about the tradition and how people around the world celebrate it. During the tradition most people wear red. We now know more about the Chinese New Year because of our researching and learning.

Friday, 16 February 2018

First lesson in Graphics

Today at graphics we created a google drawing called all about me. In this google draw I put images of what I like to do and some of my favourite brands,cars,films and games. I used my research skills to find transparent images. To make the cartoon image of me I used the avatar maker site. In graphics our goal is to make a 3D printed mobile phone holder.