Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Worm farms

Worm Farms

I am going to explanation on why worm farms are important, What it does to the environment, Food waste, How to build one, how it affects schools, and how efficient it would be. And what you can do with the worm farms

Worm farms look’s like a little cage and make the environment look better, but when you don’t use it the environment looks dirty. So that’s why you need to use worm farms because the world would not look good if it is not clean. And for inquiry we are learning about reduce reuse and recycle. We are using recycle for writing for worm farms. The only food the worms could eat to turn into compost is organic food.

Food Waste

We should recycle instead of throwing our rubbish in the bin so the world it not just made out of rubbish because all the rubbish is thrown into landfills.

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